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Yes, this page is really really old. It needs to be updated. Bug me about it to remind me.

Most of the software on this page was written for and using the Linux Operating System. If you don't know what Linux is, find out about it here. Before downloading anything from this page, make sure your system meets the indicated requirements.
All the stuff I have here I've been building in my free time for fun and education, so I haven't spent much (or any) time on documentation. If you do use any of my software, please give me some feedback and maybe I'll give you some documentation or even some more features you would like to have.
Software on this site:
      GIMP plug-ins Plug-in(s) I made for the GNU Image Manipulation Program.
      Zarch A remake of the classic Archimedes game, also known as "Virus" on the Amiga.
      Stars Thousands of them under your control.
      Quake2 tools Some tools and a map-convertor to make your experience with this standard setting game even better.
      glMancala An OpenGL/X11 version of the classic strategy game.


Zarch is my latest work and is influenced by the classic Zarch for the Acorn Archimedes. It was maybe better known as "Virus" on the Commodore Amiga. Linux Zarch is one of the very few freely available 3D graphics games available for UNIX/Linux that offer a very decent performance without needing 3D hardware support.
Gameplay is still rather simple: fly around a randomly created world and shoot the alien ships without destroying your homeworld. Your armament includes a powerful cannon and heat seeking missiles.
New in version 0.92 are many changes and fixes. Like a correct first person view, fueling platforms, some actual gameplay, scoring, 10 game levels and much more.
Version 0.93 will have more diverse plant and animal life, animated objects, an object import tool, mouse control, and it will be a source release.
Download Size Description Requirements
zarch-0.92.tar.gz 163746 Zarch binaries (x86, dynamic, libc5) for X11, svgalib and Mesa/Glide and soundfiles Linux 2.x
svgalib 1.2.10+ or X11R5+
or Mesa3.x/Glide2.51
zarch-0.92-libc6.tar.gz 165448 Zarch binaries (x86, dynamic, libc6) for X11, svgalib and Mesa/Glide and soundfiles same + libc6 (glibc2.0)

Stars is a screensaver/game/gizmo which will plot as many dots on your screen (using svgalib) as you want. It lets you control their formations and rotate and spin them around. The new features in version 1.1 include stereo-graphic output (split-screen or red/blue), color modes, variable windowsize, object shading, record/play demofiles, Z-buffer, GIF output and my 3D connect-5 game. For some sample animations check the demo page. It currently works only in 640x480 with 256 colors.
Download Size Description Requirements
stars-1.1a.tar.gz 74773 Stars 1.1 binary (x86, dynamic, libc5) with text and sample files Linux 2.x
svgalib 1.2.10+
stars-1.1a-libc6.tar.gz 89800 Stars 1.1 binary (x86, dynamic, libc6) with text and sample files same + libc6 (glibc2.0)


Quake 2 was (and still is) one the coolest first person 3D games. And the best thing about it is that it runs on Linux too, with better performance than on Windows 95 (no surprise there). Another great thing about it is it's expandability; If you have the registered version you can download and play with many player-created modifications and levels. Check here for more. Below you can download a couple of quake 2 tools I've been working on for use on Linux, namely viewpak, q2maze and m2q.
Viewpak is a very simple tool for selectively viewing or unpacking the contents of a .pak file.
Q2maze is a very primitive level generator which, in it's current version, can create a single room with random walls and fill it with monsters. Just run it with some options, put the resulting map file through qbsp3 and qvis3 and start playing. (The Linux version of qrad3 I have seems to be broken, please email me if you have a working version).
M2q is my Marathon to Quake2 map convertor. Marathon is a very popular (though primitive) first person 3D shooter for the Macintosh and many custom maps have been created for it. This convertor is able to convert about all of the structural information and most of the platforms. (If you use this software please let me know about it and I can add more features by request.)
Download Size Description Requirements
vp-1.0.tar.gz 3524 ViewPak source and x86 binary  
q2maze.gz 4258 Quake2 maze generator binary (x86) Linux 2.x
m2q-0.9.tar.gz 311786 Marathon to Quake2 map convertor, x86 binary, sources and textures  


glMancala is my first experiment with OpenGL on X11. In this version the computer player only does random moves because my first priority here was visuals. Later versions will include a decent computer opponent, network play and more. Make sure you match the requirements before downloading.
Download Size Description Requirements
manc-0.8.tar.gz 221254 glMancala 0.8 binary (x86, dynamic, libc5) with imagefiles Linux 2.x
Mesa 2.5+
Glut 3.6+
manc-0.8.src.tar.gz 214461 glMancala 0.8 sources and imagefiles OpenGL/Mesa

Thom van Os